Happy Spring!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Who Knows What Manner of Leaves Lie in the Heart of the Raised Beds?

To see a nice slide show of the photos, click on the first one (after you've read the post, of course!) ;-)

Or in any other sites around the yard, such as next to the house south of the front deck...

And the front of the south side of the front deck...

Or, looking north a bit further, you can see the rest of this front bed that has been unraked, contrasting with the parts that were raked (today!).

It's Spring!  It's Spring!  That Heady time of year, when tons of wicked little leaves (and rakes) suddenly "appear!" 

These  leaves await my rake.  They are along the southeast side of the house...


This side of the driveway looks really great!!  Raked the lawn and beds Friday!

So far, I've only raked one tarp-load of leaves today... a few minutes ago, dark clouds and thunder rolled in.  It rained hard (!) for a minute or two...

But now it's stopped, and I'm ready to head back outdoors to rake another load!  The worst thing about raking wet leaves is the fact that, piled on a tarp, the load is much heavier than dry leaves... and harder to pull any distance at all...

Not complaining, much.  It looks so NICE and CLEAN and I am so happy when I get an area raked!

Sunny Corner bed, raked yesterday

Now, with regard to Camelot:  I haven't seen the movie in many, many years.  But we haven't yet reached the month of May, and I have a LOT of raking to do before I can attempt any other thing!  (Except to enjoy the Spring blossoms that appear at this time of year!)

 Hellebore (Royal Heritage)

Siberian Squill

Can you spot a few of the daffodils I planted a couple of years ago... in the "way back?"  (I hope to plant a lot more this coming Fall!!!)

Getting ready for  Virginia Bluebells!

Happy Spring!  Happy Spring Gardening to you, my blogging friends!!
Shady Gardener... though, until the leaves appear on our deciduous Oak trees, I'm really feeling Sunny!  :-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Is There a Reason to Post Flowers Today

 Other than the fact that the first of my several Amaryllis bulbs began blooming today...?

And two more are "on the way!"

They remind me of Easter Lilies.  Happy Easter to you and yours.  Blessings to you and yours.  :-)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Zippety Doo Dah and Zowies!!

It's getting closer to Spring's arrival, here.  Sunday afternoon's snow was 1/2 gone by yesterday afternoon, when these photos were taken.  Today, the only bits of  snow left is in select, north sides of buildings.
Emerging "kittens" on my brother's weeping pussy willow tree.
Planted last Spring (2013) in his memory.
 Woo-hoo!  Daffodils are emerging!
 Heirloom (tiny!) crocus in the grass... their second season.  :-)
 Another site near the driveway.
 The latest snowfall - receeding!
emergent Muscari
 Are you sharing these sentiments?

P.S.  One more item rising in the garden... this time in the backyard (which would seem to make more sense)...  Moles... new tunnels.

Springing Forth with Good Wishes to You!!
SG  :-)

Central Gardens in Clear Lake, Iowa

These are photos I took a few years ago.  These gardens were begun several years ago, with the expert advice from the people of Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa.  I'm not sure this garden fairy resides there any longer, but it was created to celebrate RAGBRAI's ride through town at that time.

Last year, RAGBRAI cruised through our town!  We were encouraged to create items for display around our town square that had something to do with bicycles... Perhaps using bicycle parts.  Say no more, I thought at the time!  I took inspiration from the above garden fairy to create my Garden Praying Mantis!  lol. I will post a photo of my sculpture at the end of this post.

This is a view of the walkway (below) that leads around Central Gardens.

Below is a little recirculating stream.

I do enjoy a pond with Lily pads!

This is a beautiful spot that has become a popular spot for weddings.

Okay.  Here's "my" Garden Praying Mantis.  She stood outdoors downtown all summer last year.  She was the result of my participation in the annual fund-raiser for our local Art Association.  She was purchased by a local citizen and I know she's enjoying her new home!  :-)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yesterday's Wildflower Wednesday post!

Beautiful sight...
Drapes the delicate framework
of a Springtime

lol   For truly sweet and "serious" postings, head over to see Gail at Clay and Limestone.  Read the comments and see who else has posted!  :-)


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Whether or Not We Liked Yesterday Morning's Weather . . .

. . . it truly was beautiful!!
Front yard

It was also intense at times!

Back yard

Little snow pellets (not sleet)

 I had been derelict in filling the feeders Sunday...
so I hurried out Monday (with my camera in my pocket)!

Listen carefully.  Can you hear the snow falling??

Monday afternoon turned out to be sunny and beautiful.  I can walk on a crust of snow, now, though!  :-)


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Busy Time in the Front Yard Today!

First the feeders

and then the heated birdbath:


English Sparrow


female Cardinal

female House Finch and Goldfinch

male Cardinal

Starlings (not "darlings")

I was trying to wash a few dishes at the kitchen sink.  However, the birds kept landing on the bird bath!  :-)