Entering Autumn - 2014 - This backyard view from upstairs in the dining room.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ABC Wednesday - N

Take a moment to 
N . . . Notice!

 Can you guess what happened below?

 Someone found this sweet toad in the woods!
 Do you see the paper wasp nest?
 Below:  Giant Puffball fungus

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ABC Wednesday - M is for Mystified!

What in the world??  These are Stinkhorn Fungii.  The first three or four appeared at this location September 20.  We left for a week and upon our return, I found this amazing situation in this ONE site in this ONE area of our yard!  I am Mystified!!

I have only seen one or two at a time, before.  It seems, from my reading, stinkhorn fungi appear in composted soil and/or areas with commercial mulch (both of which appear in this little area, above).  Perhaps you have seen a round fungal ball under the soil?  I have seen these from time-to-time, with branching "rootlets."    These in-the-soil balls are the "seeds" of stinkhorn fungi.

You can read this and more general information about these fungi here.

I may be less mystified, but... not completely!! Perhaps some of our recent weather conditions have contributed to the Numerous appearance of these fungi?  (Yes, I have just read in other sources, that cool wet weather provides prime growing conditions for these fungi!)

Okay!  Mystified by the appearance of so many, but not as Mystified by why they have occurred.
SG  :-)

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ABC Wednesday - L is Ligularia

Several years ago, Jim, of Pat and Jim's Gardening Adventures , sent me some Ligularia dentata seeds (I believe, 'Othello').  I stratified them over the winter in homemade greenhouses made from gallon milk jugs (click for the post).

During year number one, they were tiny seedlings needing nurturing.  After the past two years' DROUGHT-filled summers, this year's rainfall has been a blessing! They loved the extra moisture and they all grew beautifully and bloomed!

 As evidenced below.

As the flowers began to emerge, they looked like this!

And finally, like this!!

Just beautiful, don't you think?
However, I've been warned... and I see evidence... that they re-seed Very Easily.
Want some seeds?  Send me an e-mail with your address!

Below we have Ligularia 'The Rocket'
This fellow really struggled last year... as ligularia desire good, rich Moist soil.  This year, he did okay and did flower, but it wasn't the show seen in the photo above (taken in 2011).

Two weeks ago, I planted Ligularia 'Bottle Rocket.'  He desires a little more sunlight, which he will get.  He is supposed to grow 28-34" tall - photo of the plant below.  We were gone last week.  We didn't get the rain predicted, so the plant was pretty "sad looking" when I peeked at it this morning.  A good watering and little rainfall improved its outlook.  :-)

One more "L" photo - representing two more "L" words!  
Leaf Litter!  
It is now October 1, and Autumn leaves are beginning to fall!  Hmmmm.

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If these leaves continue to fall, it won't be Shady around here much longer!  ;-)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ABC Wednesday - K for 'Krossa Regal'

An interesting hosta!  (And one that begins with K!)

This photo was taken July 5, 2014 from the "upstairs" dining room.  'Krossa Regal' has distinctive blue-gray-green, upward facing (vase-like) foliage .  You will find it on the right side of the photo below.

The next photo was taken just a couple of minutes ago.  My 'Krossa Regal' experienced two years' extreme drought.  This past growing season was wonderful, with ample rainfall, so he may return in better "splendor" next year!

 'Krossa Regal' leaves are somewhat waxy and very slug-resistant.  Its flower scapes are tall, sometimes reaching heights of 4-6 feet, crowned with lavender flowers, in mid- to late-summer.
You can see one leaf turning color. Often-times it develops an orange-yellow color in the Fall.

A fact I just read is that hostas grow well in city environments where the air may be polluted by car exhaust, etc.  Something to consider, if you are an urban-dweller.

Kind of a "Broad (leaved) subject!"
Kudos to hosta breeders.
Kudos to 'Krossa Regal!'

Shady Gardener  (Yep. It's a little dry, right now.  It should rain before long, however.)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ABC Wednesday - J is for jardinière

 According to Dictionary.com, Jardiniere is an ornamental receptacle or stand for holding plants, flowers, etc.
 My Favorite Jardiniere.... 
a large, glazed ceramic pot!  Located in my front garden bed.
By the way, the ONLY time the gaura, in the above photo, bloomed was when it was first planted!  What's the deal???  Do you have any idea??

This jardiniere holds a variety of plants and was found in 
Central Gardens, Clear Lake, Iowa.

The jardiniere below was found last year in the garden
of my friend, Nancy B! 
 (Black and Yellow - Iowa Hawkeye colors)

Does this qualify as a jardiniere?  
These planters (and patio) were created by my brother.

Yes, the containers continue to get larger, it seems!  
This "jardiniere" is found outside the home of my friend Carolyn S.

 I found some very interesting jardinieres at my friend Dixie's house.

I created the following "jardiniere" from hypertufa.  
The concrete mixture was placed over an upturned squirrel baffle.  The nature of hypertufa allows rainwater to slowly seep through the container.

 Enjoy the "fairy gardens" in a variety of jardinieres.
This is at Bobbi's house.

This is at Nancy B's house.

Bobbi also has a "jardiniere" in the shape of a chair!  ;-)

Okay!  Thanks for joining the "Garden-Faire in Jardiniere!"
:-)  SG

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