Entering Autumn - 2014 - This backyard view from upstairs in the dining room.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ABC Wednesday - S stands for Snow

Yes, it is now November.   And quite often we SE Iowans receive SNOW in November.  Sometimes more measurable than others.  Our latest snowfall was intense, but short-lived.  :-)

I know the following two photos don't really depict Snow... but I had to catch Jack in action!
Jack Frost, that is!  :-)

And we truly appreciate the Sunshine!  :-)

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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In A Row 
(baked pumpkin "doughnuts")

(Could be snow... taken Feb 6, 2014)

(Also taken last winter)

Sitting Down
(found this fellow in a Nebraska nature center)

"Just Because"
(ever hunt for Morel Mushrooms?)


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

ABC Wednesday - R is for Rooster

This Buff Orpington Rooster Rules the Roost!  :-)   These are beautiful chickens. They reside in a locally restored farmstead on the south edge of our town.

The Maasdam family moved here many years ago, originally from Holland.  They raised, showed, and sold Percheron horses.  A small home was moved from town to the site, in the last few years, containing information about the farm enterprise and family displays.  It is also a local Welcome Center.

Such a proud fellow!

It has been my desire to render a drawing or painting of this Buff Orpington Rooster.  And so, I have.
Below is the 1/2-way-along progress.

Now he is finished and on display.

Guarding his hens.
:-)  SG

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - November 9, 2014

It has been quite some time since I've attempted to link to Scavenger Hunt Sunday.   I recently checked out this next week's categories... and thought perhaps these might fit.  :-)  

My photos from my yard.  Thanks for not copying.

1.  My View - "There's a Fly in my Eye!"

2.  In My Bag -  
Check out the link HERE to learn about "Pollen Baskets" (corbicula), which is one way bees store and carry large amounts of pollen.

3.  Warm -
The photo below reminds me of myself; wearing my fall vest to keep my body warm, and yet allowing my arms, clothed in shirtsleeves, to remain free.

 4.  Sleeping -
 Ligularia 'Othello' blossoms "sleeping" but in the process of "waking."

5.   Part of the Body -
The Monarch is such a little, light-weight in the grand scheme of the animal world.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

ABC Wednesday - Q

Quantify the acQuisition? 

One of my favorite memories involves my best high school friend and my being in our local high school Senior English class... learning wonderful vocabulary words!  There once were a couple of words for which neither of us felt affinity.  So she learned one (garrulous) and I learned the other (loquacious), and we would remind each other daily until we "got them!"  Neither of us could be accused of actually BEING one or the other....  lol.

As I write this post, I wonder if we learned these specific words for a reason?  Perhaps our class in general exhibited these attributes?

I just discovered a Word of the Week program online, that will mail words to my "mailbox!"  I look forward to this.  This is a link to their definition of loquacious!

My guess is that my love of words and root words, spawned my interest in supporting a "word-of-the-week" program in my second-grade classroom!  
I did not develop the program, as it was originally called "Word of the Day," but adapted it to fit my students.  I placed the next week's "word" in each child's "mailbox" on Fridays.  They took the word home with the expectation that they (and their parents) would look up and write down the meaning to present at some time during the next week.  They were further required to create a model, drawing, etc. to accompany the meaning of the word.  Once they were ready, they presented the "word" to the class.  My theory was that, by the end of the week, each student would have heard and seen (repetition) enough that they might remember at least some of the words.  And perhaps use them!  :-)

Raise your hands if you have Questions . . . 

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

ABC Wednesday - P! Jeepers, Creepers, Can't Believe My Peepers!

This edition of the Wednesday ABC meme is brought to you by God!  My job is the reporting!

We have had a wonderfully colorful Fall season this year.  And I mean a Lengthy, colorful Fall!!

Speaking of Peepers . . .  Wha'...... ?

I actually remember this fellow, and will surmise what he's doing in another post!  ;-)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ABC Wednesday - Oh, No! Gee Whiz!

Oh, My Goodness!  Oh, Say it's Not SO!  This Week's letter is O and I pulled a boner!  I created a post with the letter G.  Good Gravy!  You will have to suffer through my G post.  By the time you read it, I will have inserted a few "o"s.  :-)   
O me Sainted Aunt! 
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Gladys has been my gardening companion for many years.  She loves to entertain!  In fact, the first time I featured her on this blog, she was positively Giddy!  Click on these words to see why.
oh! oh!
 Then there was the time SHE had Her gardening friends over... and, well... you will just have to read for yourself.  This post was the first of two.  Click here.

You will find the second post, the sequel, if you click these words. 

Oh my Goodness!!

One more post that might be of interest is the ABC Wednesday "G" post dated Feb. 26, 2013.  You might enjoy seeing Gladys with all her buddies at once!  :-) 

The last post I will share with you is of one workshop in which several of my Gardening friends began work to create their own soft-sculpture Garden buddies!  Enjoy the progress-process!  ;-)  Click here.

 (Only one of our friends)
As I mentioned at the onset, Gladys is my Gardening buddy.   She and I took a road trip to Michigan last summer (August 2013).  We had a Great trip.  You will find a few photos below.  :-)

Over the River... and through the woods... (into Illinois)
We stopped for a little "break," and bought something to drink.  Gladys stayed in the car.  I wondered later, if she knew what was ahead of us - with regard to the weather!   Oh, Gladys!

 By the time we neared Michigan, the weather had cleared!  Thankfully!
 In case you wondered WHY we undertook this road trip to Michigan . . .
(by the way, the photo below shows our arrival!)

. . . it's Only because Gladys wanted to meet my Grandchildren! 

We had a wonderful time... AlthO' it might have been a bit "much" for GladysOnce "on the road," she began Getting sleepy!

So much for being the Good Guide and companion on the way home!

You are right.  If I were to have had amiable company, it became mandatory 
to stop for a "picker upper!"  ;-)   Oh, That Gladys! 

 Back across the Mississippi River into Iowa!

It was a Wonderful trip.  Gladys and I enjoyed ourselves immensely.  I wonder if she'd Go aGain?  ;-)

Only Slightly Goofy... lol